Information Literacy Instruction Request

Librarians instill information literacy skills in MSMC students through a program of course-integrated instruction, tailored to the specific information needs of a particular class.  Instruction sessions can be requested in several ways:

 • submitting the online form below
 • contacting Evangela Oates by e-mail or by phone at (845)569-3546
 • calling the Curtin Library Information Desk at (845)569-3299

Whenever possible, please request instruction at least two weeks ahead of the desired class date (or dates) to permit adequate preparation time.

Every effort is made to schedule sessions during preferred time slots.  However, the day and time of instruction is not firm until the librarian contacts the classroom teacher.

Instructors are expected to be present for the library session.

Information Literacy instruction sessions are individually tailored to meet the needs of specific classes.  The librarian will contact the instructor in advance to review the research project or assignment and discuss what should be covered. 

Please complete the form below.  Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).  Click on SUBMIT when complete.

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Project Information

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Please note that date and time of instruction session is not firm until librarian has contacted instructor.

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Please note that date and time of instruction session is not firm until a librarian has contacted instructor.

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