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Title:Simulator programs for new nurses' orientation: a retention strategy
Authors:Andrea Ackermann, G. Kenny, C. Walker
Periodical:Journal for Nurses in Staff Development, v23, n3, 2007, p136-139.
Abstract:The phenomenon of role transition for new nurses has been a topic of research and concern for practicing nurses, educators, and administrators for many years. This transition has an impact on the job retention of new nurses. Stress, lack of confidence, and unmet expectations have been found to influence patient safety and outcomes. Simulator programs have enhanced the experiences of students and nurses in the clinical setting. Within this safe environment of simulation, nurses find the opportunity to develop critical thinking, decision making, and clinical confidence. A simulator program was developed in Vassar Brothers Medical Center to assist in the transition of new graduate registered nurses to acute care practice. This article describes the process of developing a program and suggestions for instructors who are interested in developing a simulation program.

Title:Investigation of learning outcomes for the acquisition and retention of CPR knowledge and skills learned with the use of high-fidelity simulation
Author:Andrea Ackermann
Periodical:Clinical Simulation in Nursing, v5, n6, 2009, e213-222.
Abstract:There is currently no evidence of increased acquisition and retention of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) knowledge and skills learned with the use of human patient simulation (HPS) experiences for undergraduate nursing students. A quasi-experimental design was used to compare the acquisition and retention of CPR knowledge and skills for nursing students; the control group did not receive the simulation experience, and the experimental group did. The HPS cardiopulmonary arrest scenario had a statistically significant effect on the acquisition of both CPR knowledge and skills. The 3-month retention scores for the experimental group were also significantly higher than for the control group. This information may assist health care educators to teach CPR with improved learning outcomes.

Title:Peer review in simulation: using live video streaming to support learning
Author:Andrea Ackermann
Periodical:Clinical Simulation in Nursing, v6, n3, 2010, e107.


Chapter Title:Immobilization
Title:Orthopedic Nursing Secrets
Author:Andrea Ackermann
Editor:M.E. Zychowicz.
Publisher:Hanley & Belfus, 2003

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