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Mary Hinton

Title:Commentary: community college campuses provide an accurate reflection of diversity
Authors:Mary Hinton
Periodical:Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, March 23, 2012
Title:Why is change so difficult?
Authors:Mary Hinton, Patrick Sanaghan, and Steve Riccio
Periodical:Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, v29, n3, March 15, 2012


Title:The commercial church: Black churches and the new religious marketplace in America
Author:Mary Hinton
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2011
Chapter Title:The vocational cycle to support institutional justice: a pathway for scholars of color to transform institutional life and governance
Title: Teaching for a culturally diverse and racially just world
Chapter Author:Mary Hinton
Editor: Eleazar Fernandez
Publisher:Wipf and Stock, [forthcoming]

Chapter Title:Leading historically Black congregations
Title: Religious leadership
Chapter Author:Mary Hinton
Editor: Sharon Henderson Callahan
Publisher:Sage, 2013
Title:Saying grace: exploring the relationship between food, spiritual disciplines, and religious education
Author:Mary Hinton
Publisher:Lexington Books, [under contract]

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