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Title:Syntheses and structures of the [Fe(III)(SPh)4] and [Fe(III)(SEt)4] anions. A general route to Iron(III) tetrathiolate complexes
Authors:Lynn Maelia, S.A. Koch
Periodical:Journal of the American Chemistry Society , v105, n18, 1983, p5944-5945
Title: Gallium analogs of Iron Sulfide Thiolate compounds; analysis of the structural parameters in Ga(III) and Fe(III) Chalcogenide compounds
Authors:Lynn Maelia, S.A. Koch
Periodical:Inorganic Chemistry , v25, n11, 1986, p1896-1904
Title: Eleven Tungsten atom cluster labels: high resolution site specific probes for electron microscopy
Authors:Lynn Maelia, J.F. Hainfeld, C.J. Foley, J.J. Lipka
Periodical:The Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, v38, n12, 1990, p1787-1793
Abstract:Two derivatives of a tungstate cluster containing 11 tungsten atoms (W11PO39SiR4-) have been synthesized which enable them to be covalently attached to biomolecules at specific sites. The tungstate cluster is 1.0 nm in diameter, electron dense, and visible in the electron microscope. One derivative is a W11-sulfonyl chloride, reactive with amines and sulfhydryls. The second compound is a W11-thiosulfonate which can be used to label sulfhydryl groups. These new labels are beam resistant and provide significantly higher resolution then most other electron microscopy (EM) markers. Labeling of the protein albumin is described as an example.

Title: General synthsis of Iron(III) Tetrathiolate complexes. Structural and spectroscopic models for the [Fe(Cys-S)4] center in oxidized Rubredoxin
Authors:Lynn Maelia, M.Millar, S.A. Koch
Periodical:Inorganic Chemistry, v31, n22, 1992, p4594-4600

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