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Barbara Whitney Petruzzelli


Title:The Library Liaison Toolkit: Learning to Bridge the Communication Gap
Authors:Barbara Whitney Petruzzelli, Stephen Macaluso
Periodical:Reference Librarian, v43, n89/90, 2005, p163-177.
Abstract:SUNY New Paltz established a library liaison program in 2001, long after such programs were commonplace at many U.S. college and university libraries. The program emerged, not simply from a desire to enhance library service, but because library faculty came to view it as a multi-faceted mechanism capable of addressing multiple concerns. The new library-wide initiative demanded high-level communication skills, an in-depth understanding of library policies and collection development practices, and increased knowledge about individual departments and the college. A collection of campus information resources and liaison training sessions, collectively called The Library Liaison Toolkit, was developed to build liaison expertise in these areas.


Title:Real-life marketing and promotion strategies in college libraries : connecting with campus and community
Authors:Barbara Whitney Petruzzelli
Publisher:Haworth Information Press, Binghamton, NY, 2005

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