Curtin Memorial Library

Student Writing Center

If you are feeling stuck in your writing -- or if you are not sure where to begin -- why not make an appointment at the Writing Center?

Making an appointment at the Writing Center is easy. All you have to do is visit and click the "Make an Appointment" button. From there, you can schedule your writing consultation up to two weeks in advance. Please do take a moment to look at your upcoming deadlines and schedule your writing consultation ahead of time. We expect to be booked through the end of the semester and cannot guarantee any walk-in availability at the last minute. As a bonus, having your writing consultation booked gives you a reason to work ahead, and it gives you some time to incorporate the feedback you receive at the Writing Center before you have to turn in your paper.

The Writing Center is committed to working with as many Mount students as we can, especially during this busy finals season. Out of consideration for other students who would also like to come in for writing consultations, we are asking that students limit their appointments at the Writing Center to one per week. This will allow maximum availability for as many students as possible. We are also asking that students prioritize academic writing projects when coming to the Writing Center.

For questions or more information
about the Writing Center please contact:
Gina R. Evers
Writing Center Director
(845) 569-3626