Curtin Memorial Library

Troubleshooting Tips

Tips and suggestions for trouble with eReserves:

Problems logging into eReserves. To access eReserves in MSMCat, you need to log in using your name and your college ID number. Your college ID number is the 9-digit number on the back of your MSMC ID card.

Windows XP problems printing from eReserves. You must "ENABLE JAVA CONSOLE" in Internet Explorer for XP. [Note: - wording may be slightly different in Home and Professional editions of Windows XP.] Do the following:

• Open Internet Explorer.
• Go to "Tools" Menu, then open "Internet Options."
• Click on the "Advanced" tab on top.
• Scroll down to "JAVA (Sun)" Icon and check the box for "Use Java v. (...)"
• Click "Apply" and "OK" buttons.
• Restart your PC.

This should enable the Java console script, which is necessary for XP to print from the eReserves module in the Library Catalog (MSMCAT).

If problems persist, call the library at 845.569.3600.